Equipment & Consumables


  • box of garden netting
  • garden wire (coated metal)
  • string & twine
  • bone meal
  • slug pellets
  • liquid tomato fertiliser
  • garden vegetable bug spray (vs blackfly)


Essential Allotment Equipment: What We NEED

  • stakes – medium & high heights
  • staple gun & staples
  • 3 tall support posts for the webbing roll (to cover the gap at back and discourage the large dogs at back neighbours)


Wish List 

  • another metal framed arbour
  • more bricks!!
  • paving slabs
  • wooden pallet (for terrace platform) x 2
  • wooden planks for terracing
  • metal poles for supporting terrace planking
  • old windows in wood frames (for a make-do cold frame)


Essential Allotment Equipment: What We Have 

  • garden fork (x 2)
  • garden spade
  • garden rake – metal (different from leaf rake)
  • watering cans (x 2)
  • hand fork
  • hand spade
  • hand rake
  • 3 pronged hand weeder
  • first aid kit: bug spray, after bite, bandages, surgical tape
  • large compost box (found on site – big plastic square crate with top and bottom hatch for removing compost)



  • 2 white wooden folding chairs
  • 2 small wooden cable spools (to use as tables)
  • storage trunk for garden tools
  • attractive ceramic pots to place about the place