Late autumn is the best time to plant garlic, because they generally need a cold period for proper bulb development.

There are two types of garlic: hard-neck and soft-neck.  Cultivation for both is the same, but hard-neck garlic sometimes produce flower stalks – which should be removed to divert all energy into bulb development.  Soft-neck garlic is named because their necks bend over when ready for harvesting; they do not flower and these type of garlic tend to have a milder flavour.

Planting Guidance

  • Break bulbs into cloves just before planting.
  • Add a balanced fertiliser at planting time. 
  • Plant each clove 1 1/2-2 inches deep (3-4 cm), pointed end up.
  • Plant into well-drained moisture retentive soil in full sun.
  • Apply 15 grams per square metre sulphate of potash in February.
  • Water plants well in the growing period.
  • Stop watering for a few weeks before harvesting in summer, to help ripen the bulb.
  • When you harvest, lay them on a board in the sun to dry and ‘cure’ before storing.