3. March Days

In March daffodil and narcissus are out in force.  Grape narcissus are also out, as well as naturalized hyacinth with short spears of white, pink and blue flowers.


Crocus are out but on the wane except in shadier areas.

Wood violet is in flower.  Pulmonaria (lungwort) are coming into flower and leaves perking up after the winter die-down.  As is also the cheerful waxy yellow flowering celandine.

The big cherry tree in the back patch is coming into blossom.  Soon the whole tree – all 60+ feet of it – will be dripping in blossom.

Hawthorn bushes are starting to sprout leaf bud, but are far from flower still.

By mid-March blackthorn comes into flower (coming to blossom on St Patrick’s Day, 17 March 2019).  Where blackthorn blooms, later will be found sloe berries!

If your garden has conifers, watch out for goldcrests (Regulus regulus) – Britain and Europe’s smallest native bird species.  They feed on minute insects and spiders that are commonly found on conifers.

Bumblebees come out of hibernation in early spring.  There are 24 bumblebee species native to Britain.