Psychadelic artichoke flowers and first sighting of summer cucumbers!

Went up to the plot tonight after the scorching heat abated a little. Everything needed water, so we tried to give everything growing a little life-giving splash of water. And lo and behold, the first sighting of some developing cucumbers. Enfin!

First sign of cucumbers – 18 July 2022
Blackberries already giving tons of juicy delicious berries. Yum!
Psychadelic artichoke in flower. Busy bee trawling for pollen and nectar. Go bees go!
Wow. Just wow! What a flower. Artichoke are related to thistles. Out of this world blues! And a busy bee, of course.

About smallPaws

A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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