Pulmonaria (aka Lungwort)

These are popular hardy spring-flowering perennials with pretty flowers and foliage.  They are easy-to-grow, clump-forming with blooms appearing late winter/early spring and lasting for weeks.  The leaves are rough to the touch and variagated or spotted.

Originally from western to eastern Europe (edging into Russia), they are versatile and grow well in sun or partial shade where it is not too dry.    Pulmonaria can come into flower as early as to be in sync with snowdrop (eg very early spring, January/February).

Divide plants every 3-5 years in early summer after flowering.

  • When dividing, cut back the leaves and then lift plants gently with a garden fork.
  • Shake off excess soil and tease clumps apart.
  • Replant divisions into the ground as soon as possible and water well until established.
  • Smaller divisions can be potted to grow on but should be placed in a shady, sheltered spot until ready to plant out in autumn.