Ring-necked Parakeets

Did we mention that there are parrots on the plot?  Oh yeah.  Cheeky.  Noisy.  Impossible to miss.

Amazingly, it seems these birds can live from 15-30 years.  They are the only naturalised parrot in the south-east of Great Britain.

They can form flocks of hundreds and are recognised as an agricultural pest.  In some circles these pesky parrots are considered ‘alien’ invasive species – and it is celebrated that they can ‘destroyed’ if causing damage, but not in urban areas.  (David Goode, ‘Ring-tailed parakeets are flying beyond our control, The Telegraph, 18 Feb 2015).  Which is kind of sad.

We enjoy seeing them on the railway sidings – and there is quite a flock living on Hampstead Heath.  And why not?  If the climate changes and birds and other beasts can find their homes elsewhere, and somehow move and then manage to magically survive and thrive – well then, good luck to them!