Back Patch & Woods

3 JUNE 2018

Good session today with the whole gang.  We trimmed down the pyrocanthus hedges in the front bit facing into Lismore Circus.  I weeded the middle patch, and dead-headed the mourning widow, putting the trimmed seed heads onto bare patches as green mulch and to encourage self-seeding/spreading.  (Love the mourning widow!)  R sprinkled the hollyhock seed along the twig barrier to the front patch of grass.  Would be cheerful to have a line of hollyhock growing at that boundary to the grassy area.  The big guy did a lot of watering all around the place, and also spread the grass seed into the ‘lawn’ bit that had died down under invasion of the wild carrot.  I also trimmed the hawthorn and ivy near the stone bench to keep it from growing too high.  Good to keep sight-lines across the whole area open to reassure about safety for those walking through and by.  C puttered about a bit and M dropped in for a while and helped bring the bags of trimmings to the council site, but skedaddled after that.  All in all a very productive session.  After the woods group wrapped up Mr G and I planted the liatris and fuschia in the back patch.  Also planted two bulbs for white spider lilies.  We shall see what thrives, what survives.