We said ‘yes’ to the allotment on the last May bank holiday in 2018.  Not yet a full year since we first started clearing the site.  What a change!

Equipment & Consumables

Wish & Shopping List 

  • tall bamboo stakes
  • pine square stakes – medium & high heights
  • another metal framed arbour
  • more bricks!!
  • wooden planks for terracing (ideally old scaffolding planks)
  • old windows in wood frames (for a make-do cold frame/glass house)

Consumables (that we have): 

  • box of garden netting
  • plastic garden netting
  • roll of chicken wire
  • string & twine
  • bone meal
  • slug pellets
  • rose fertiliser
  • liquid tomato fertiliser
  • ericaceous fertiliser
  • garden vegetable bug spray (vs blackfly)
  • potting grit (for cuttings & potting-up)


First aid kit: bug spray, after bite, bandages, surgical tape (in plastic tub).


Equipment: What We Have 

  • garden fork
  • thin garden fork
  • garden spade
  • garden rake – metal (different from leaf rake)
  • garden hoe x 2
  • plastic watering cans x 4
  • hand fork
  • hand spade – thin spade for bulb & onion planting
  • hand spade – regular sized
  • hand rake
  • 3 pronged hand weeder
  • large compost box:  a big plastic square crate with top and bottom hatch for removing compost – found on site
  • plastic web netting for peas (2 sizes)
  • roll of galvanized chicken wire
  • plastic trays & containers to hold rainwater for the birds & wildlife – with stones & sticks to aide escape for any beasties that fall into the water
  • staple gun & staples
  • miscellaneous scaffold pipes, various lengths


Extravagance & Extras

  • attractive terracotta pots planted with cyclamen, crocus, flowering bulbs
  • 2 white wooden folding chairs
  • 2 plastic-webbed & metal frame folding chair
  • 2 small wooden cable spools (stacked together to form a raised table)
  • large canvas sun parasol (found in rubbish and happily re-cycled)
  • plastic storage trunk (holding tools etc.)
  • wicker hamper full of picnic equipment (& small camp stovetop)
  • wooden framed mirror with shelf (Michelob’s mother’s – happily re-homed)
  • large flower vase