Reed Bunting (?)


Reed Bunting (4 June 2020)

We think this little chirper is a female Reed Bunting.

Small and Robin-like, but possibly slightly smaller than the Robin.

Using the RSPB ‘Bird Identifier’ tool the other likely candidates would be a Chiffchaff or a Willow Warbler – but both those types of bird have a distinctive darker line across the eye in the face feathers.  Or maybe a Siskin?

After much deliberation and looking at alternatives we “think” (but are not 100 per cent sure) it’s a female Reed Bunting.

The males are darker are more distinctively coloured.  Possibly juvenile.

IMG_2499copyShe arrived shortly after the harvesting of the garlic patch, and quickly got to work hunting out worms from the newly turned over patch on the allotment on 4 June 2020.



A real flutterer! (4 June 2020)

If anyone knows for sure what this little chirper is, please do send us a comment!

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