veronicastrum virginicum roseum – ‘pink glow’

Erect deciduous perennial which produces spikes of pink flowers mid-summer to early-autumn.


Virgicum as planted mid-June 2018.

  • Grows in any moist soil in full sun or partial shade.
  • Grows 120 cm high by 45cm.
  • Native to American meadows, it can grow up to 5 feet high once established, with ‘candelabra’ forms of spiked flower spears.
  • Rated as ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ – eg bees, butterflies, hoverflies…
  • May take a year or so to fill out, but when they have these are easy to grow and don’t require dividing often.
  • Plants tend to grow in clump formation and are easy to divide.
  • Best planted in a deep, rich soil that does not dry out.

Veronicastrum Virginicum ‘Pink Glow’ is a clump-forming, long-lived perennial producing spikes of very pale pink flowers in summer and early autumn.










dianthus Kahori

The perennial flower bed, with virgicum in pride of place, by early July had companion planting of dianthus (‘pinks’) and lobelia.