Rocket (Eruca sativa)


Rocket patch in back patch, gone to seed.  Calendula growing in front.  (End May 2020)

Rocket is called roquette in French and rugola or ruchetta in Italian.

Salad rocket germinates quickly and can be grown as a catch crop among other plants such as parsnip.

Grow in small rows from April to early September in an open, sunny patch.

Wild rocket can live for several years in the same spot.

“Rocket is an annual, related to the mustard family.  It is a native of Southern Europe and was brought to Britain in Elizabethan times, as a salad plant, and is supposed to have spread rapidly through the ruins of London immediately after the Great Fire. It is rarely seen nowadays in the UK” (The Encyclopedia of Herbs, Spices and Flavourings, p.115)