Frog or Toad?

Two species of frog and two toads are native to the UK. So-called common frogs (Rana temporaria) and common toads (Bufo bufo) are widespread and often spotted in gardens. But sightings of these amphibians have fallen in recent years, and toads in particular are in trouble.  (National History Museum newsletter, ‘Ways to Help Frogs & Toads’, 30 April 2020


Common Frog in the pond (2 June 2020)

See their useful guide on how to identify which is which (frog or toad?) and what type: NHM Amphibian Identification Guide 

As a general rule of thumb frogs jump when startled whereas toads stay still.  Toads are also lumpier and tend to crawl rather than hop.  So there you go: frogs and toads sorted!

For much more information, visit the Frog Life website for information on hibernation, life cycle and reproduction of the common frog.