Clematis (Doctor Ruppel)

Late July 2020 we planted a climbing clematis at the allotment to grow up onto the back lattice.


Dr Ruppel Clematis growing strong and setting flower heads, early August 2020.

Dr Ruppel Clematis is a group 2 type of clematis that can be propagated by layering or semi-hardwood cuttings.

Doctor Ruppel flowers with large, pretty pink blossoms from May to September, and needs to be planted in well-drained soil with its roots in the shade.  (Even though we have heavy clay at the plot, it’s planted at the top of the slope of our upper terrace, so hopefully this area drains well, and in spring the base of the plant will be shaded by our largish patch of Lords and Ladies).

Top-dress with mulch or rotted manure in spring.

Prune plants lightly in late February/early March, keeping strong buds.  Remove dead and weak stems and prune back flowered shoots to encourage a second batch of blossoms.

Dr Ruppel clematis can grow to heights of up to 8 feet, so with any luck by next summer we will have a full trellis full of tropical looking creamy pink clematis blossom.

We live in hope!

(The two hardy clematis planted over a year ago into the woods on the circus have not fared well, but have to contend with errant children, dogs digging and scratching the soil, squirrels, foxes, not to mention other miscreants and our local junkies who often trudge through the woods and planted areas with no regard to keeping to pathways.)