June Journal


London is no longer in full lockdown due to coronavirus, but we remain furloughed and remaining safely ensconced at home and in our gardens.



Right now, 2018, in early June we have in flower:

  • Campanula
  • Roses – shrub roses & also bush / climbing roses
  • Iris (just finishing)
  • Peony, yellow (just finishing in back patch) (** the red flowering peony on side elevation bed and also in back patch flowers much earlier in the spring and by early June has already finished flowering).
  • Saxifrage (low ground cover, just finishing flowering in back patch)
  • Vinca (in Lismore Circus Woods)
  • Mourning widow (wildflower, in woods) (just finishing early June)
  • Calendula (Woods meadow area)
  • California poppy (setting seed early June)