We are not experts and have tried to identify the bees we’ve spotted as best we can.  It’s likely we’ve got some wrong, especially since there’s 250 different types of bees and bumblebees in the UK.  If you find errors or know we’ve got an identification wrong, please add a comment to let us know.


Unidentified Bumblebee – white tailed bumblebee? 

Untitled-1 copyallotment-bee-trellis

Unidentified bumblebee (March 2019) Photo by G.


Red Tailed Bumblebee (Bombus lapidarius)

CIMG6837-RedTailBumble-Bombus lapidarius-copy

Red Tail Bumblebee (Bombus lapidarius) (Photo by G, April 2020)


Tree Bumblebee (Bombus hypnorum)

CIMG6842-TreeBumblebee-Bombus hypnorum

Tree Bumblebee – Bombus hypnorum. (Photo by G, April 2020)


Vestal Cuckoo Bumblebee


(Photo by G April 2020)

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