Carex Testacea ‘Prairy Fire’ (New Zealand Hair Sedge, aka Speckled Sedge and Red Switch Grass)

  • Leaf colour is brown-red.
  • Flowers June to August.
  • Generally a pest-free plant.
  • Plant in full sun in well drained soil.
  • Keep evenly moist but on the dry side.
  • Use a slow-release, medium-rate fertiliser.
  • Hardy
  • Grows 40-60 cm high.
  • If cutting back this plant, do so early in the growing season to allow time for new growth to mature.

** We planted this type of ornamental grass into our living room window box, summer 2018.

Prairie Fire Sedge creates a fiery display of colour, with upright, slender, green-bronze foliage tipped with orange highlights.  In full sun this deep orange colouring intensifies, creating a dramatic look.  Colour persists through most of the winter in warmer climates. This New Zealand native does best in moist, well-drained soil, but will adapt to drier conditions once established.  Its size and upright habit make a great focal point in mixed containers.