Lily – Asiatic

Lily Asiatic ‘Perfect Joy’ 

  • Perfect Joy bears large pink flowers with a gleaming white centre.
  • Perfect for any sunny flower garden.
  • Grows up to 40 cm high.  (Lower than the day lillies)
  • Plant in sun or semi-shade.  Prefers bright light but away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep soil moist but do not overwater.
  • Deadhead regularly.
  • Allow foliage to die naturally after the lily has finished flowering.
  • Should flower the next year.
  • Apply a balanced fertilizer when the plant breaks dormancy, and then again when flowers begin to open.

I planted a potted plant of ‘Perfect Joy’ Asiatic Lily (purchased at a garden centre and already in flower) on 11 July 2018 into the front flower bed along the railway path (to side of rose and blackberry arbour.