Campanula (Bellflower)


White blooming campanula, planted August 2020.

Campanula are lovely low-growing perennials which can flower profusely.  I have several blue flowering patches growing in the woods area and if they’re happy they will flower in very early spring (think February!) right up to late autumn.   Regular deadheading helps keep the plant flowering through all seasons.

These are easy-care perennials which don’t take a lot of fussing for plenty of blossoms and can do well in sun and partial shade.

We planted a white variety (as shown in the photo above) at the top of the terrace in a semi-shaded location to keep the new Dr Ruppel clematis company.

I’ve since planted a light blue variety growing to the side of the post near the clematis, so there is now a trio of new perennial flowers tucked into the top terrace boundary.  All the better for the bees – and besides, the big dude’s a flower-guy.

Go bellflowers go!