Hyacinth have been grown for centuries for their fragrant spring flowers.


Pink naturalized hyacinth, planted with lungwort, in front half circle bed of Lismore Circus Community Woods.  24 March 2019.  Photo by G.

Perennial.  Plant bulbs in groups in autumn around 8 inches (20 cm) below soil surface.


Pink, white and blue cluster of hyacinth in the front flower beds along railway path of the pack patch.  Spears of crocosmia are visible growing in the back.  Sunday 24 March 2019.  Photo by G.

They prefer fertile, well drained soil in full sun.

Let foliage die back naturally after flowers have faded.

** we have a variety of blue, white and pink flowering hyacinth planted in the Woods.

There is also a nice mixed cluster of pink, blue and white blossomed hyacinth planted in the front flower bed along the railway path of the back patch.

The potted hot pink flowered hyacinth bought for the Mr’s Valentine 2019 present has been planted out to join this pre-existing cluster for even more colour in the spring of 2020.