Salad, Leaf & Herbs Crops – Annuals


Red curly lettuce at top of garlic plot. (30 May 2020)

Salad lettuce is easy to grow.  Seeds germinate if direct-sown outdoors in summer from April to July.  To extend the season show in short rows every fortnight.  Lettuces can be interplanted with longer-growing crops such as broccoli.

Lettuce and salad crops are ideal to grow in containers such as pots and window boxes.

Sprinkle seed sparingly along a shallow drill about 1/2 inch (1cm) deep, cover lightly with soil and water well.

Plant in full sun on moisture retentive soil.  Water regularly.

Thin seedlings to 12 inches (30cm) apart.

Netting may be needed to protect from birds.


Salad crops such as red kale, leaf beet, sorrel, chard, and oriental greens – as well as lambs lettuce, winter purslane and landcress –  may be sown in July for winter crops.