Brassica – Oriental vegetables

Oriental brassica.  Can be cooked lightly or eaten raw.

  • pack choi – best harvested when semi-mature.
  • komatsuma (mustard spinach) – a good cut-and-come-again crop.  Fairly tender and needs fleece to extend crop in autumn; harvest before frosts.
  • mizuna – a hardier oriental vegetable which can be grown and harvested into early winter under cloches or an unheated greenhouse.

Best sown mid- to late-summer as a late or second succession crop.  When sown in late July or August the plants are less prone to bolting.  (Nearly all oriental brassicas are prone to bolting if sown too early.)

Sow seed thinly in 3/4 inch (1cm) deep rows.  Thin seedlings to one plant per 2 inches (5cm) apart for salad leaves and for larger plants have them 6-12 inches (15-30cm) apart.  Repeat sow every 2 weeks.

With protection you can harvest until late autumn.

Susceptible to suffer leaf damage from flea beetles.

Two sowings may be possible – in July with another in early August, which gives enough time for crops to mature before cold weather.

Keep crops well watered and protected from slugs.