Winter Savory

Winter Savory (Satureja montana) is in the Lamiaceae family of plants originating in southern Europe.

S. montana is a dwarf, sub-shrubby perennial with narrowly lance-shaped dark green leaves and dense spikes of small, whorled purple flowers in summer.  (RHS Plants)


Winter savory. (30 May 2020)

Winter savory thrives in well-drained semi-fertile soil in full sun.  Think southern mediterranean conditions – hot and fairly dry in well draining, not-rich soil.)

They are generally pest and disease free.

Winter savory can be propagated by softwood cuttings in summer.

Our winter savory is growing in a pot up at our allotment.

Good drainage is essential.  Like many herbs, savory prefers a well-drained soil.  Savory can be killed by a prolonged wet period, but it does not seem to mind the cold.

Savory is also savoury by nature, and so it seasons a dish without the need for salt and pepper.  Reducing salt intake is something many of us are advised to do, and herbs generally are helpful in this regard, but Savory particularly so.  This is another reason why it is such a good partner when cooking beans, which cannot have salt added during cooking as would toughen the skins making the beans impossible to soften no matter how long the cooking time.  (Campaign for Real Farming)