Chives are popular perennial bulbs that spread to form neat tufted clumps, ideal for edging beds and paths and particularly attractive when in flower.

  • This hardy perennial herb prefers full sun and well-drained dry, sandy soil.
  • Grows up to 45 cm high and 15 cm wide.
  • Plant seeds from April to May.  Flowers June/July.
  • Regularly harvesting the tops of the pleasantly onion-flavoured leaves, used to flavour all kinds of dishes, also helps to stimulate further new young growth, which has the best flavour.
  • The attractive light purple flowers with rounded heads, are edible, make a pretty garnish, and are a favourite of bees and other pollinating insects.
  • Chives are easily raised from seed.  Plants can be divided.


Garlic Chives 

Garlic chives (or Chinese Chives) are particularly attractive, with wider leaves and white flower heads.

  • Like chives, garlic chive is a hardy perennial herb which prefers well-drained, light soil.
  • Grows up to 40cm high with a spread of 15cm.
  • Plant seeds April to May.