Horseradish is a hardy vigorous herb, but can become a weed if grown in an open garden.  It easily self-sows and is very difficult to dig out as roots can reach a depth of 4 meters (14 feet).

A better way to enjoy crops of horseradish is to grow it in containers.  Choose a container wide and deep enough to allow the roots to grow to a minimum depth of 2 feet (60 cm).

  • Young plants are best planted in autumn or early spring.  Use light, moisture-retentive soil, with one part sharp sand to two parts compost.
  • Place in full sun to partial shade and ensure they are regularly watered.
  • Apply liquid fertiliser every two weeks until the end of August.
  • To harvest, remove the roots from the pot after the first frost kills the leaves in the autumn.  Select two or three healthy pieces to replant.