Fruiting Shrubs & Canes


Red Currant in back patch, ripening. (25 May 2020)

Harvesting Soft Fruit 

  • Strawberry (late spring) : May, June & July
  • Loganberry (early summer): June & July
  • Raspberry (summer): late June, July, August
  • Blueberry: July, August
  • Raspberry (autumn): late July, August, September 
  • Blackberry: July, August, September 
  • Red & White Currant: July, August 
  • Blackcurrant: late June, July 
  • Gooseberry: early July, August 



A berry is a berry is a berry – isn’t it?

Well yes, except when it isn’t, as it turns out.  (RHS, The Garden, Sept 2012)

True berries: blackcurrant, grape, blueberry, gooseberry and kiwi fruit.

Drupes: cherry, peach and plum.

Drupelets: raspberry and blackberry are aggregates of many drupes.

True nuts: hazel nuts.

Not true nuts: almond and walnut

Pome fruits: apple, pear (are technically false fruits)

True fruits: strawberry