Cold Frames

Cold frames are especially useful for hardening-off young plants grown indoors, before planting out.

Good for help ‘strike’ softwood and hardwood cuttings taken in autumn or winter.

Cold frames can also be used to over-winter less hardy plants such as dahlia and canna.

They are easy to build.  Construct a wooden framed box, using side panels and four wooden posts.

Attach a hinged prop for the frame’s lid (which will be glass).

Fit the lid as a glass window panel or a clear sheet of plastic.

Cold frames can be placed on the soil and moved (as with cloches).  Placed over soil they can help warm the ground.

Cold frames can be used to grow winter salad leaves.  Sow rocket, mustard leaves and hardier forms of salad and treat as a cut-and-come-again crop.