Crop Rotation

Crop rotation reduces build up of soil-borne disease.  It also makes deficiencies in the soil less likely.

When thinking about crop rotation it’s best to think in terms of vegetable families:

  • onion family
  • beets
  • brassicas
  • carrot family (including parsnips and celery)
  • cucurbits (squashes and cucumbers)
  • legumes (peas and beans)
  • potato family (including tomatoes)


Typically crops are organised in 3 or 4 year rotations.

  •  Three year rotation = legumes > brassicas > roots
  • Four year rotation = legumes > brassicas > potatoes > onions & roots


One suggested rotation is: Onions/ garlic > Brassicas > Legumes (broad beans, peas & beans) > Potato family (including tomato, aubergine) >

Also salad crops, carrot family (including parsnip and parsley), and curcubits (cucumber, squash, pumpkin).


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