There are spring flowering and autumn flowering crocus.

  • easy to establish, and most will self-seed and spread in grass and wilder areas.
  • plant corms 3-4 inches (8-10 cm) deep.
  • plant spring flowering crocus in autumn and autumn-flowering types late summer.
  • choose areas that are full sun in gritty well-drained soil.
  • crocus thrive in gravel and do well interplanted with saxifrage, dwarf dianthus and other alpines.
  • with careful selections you can enjoy crocus from late winter to late spring, then again from early to late autumn.

See RHS, The Garden, November 2015, p.33 for a guide to cultivars that flower January, January to March, February, February-March, March-April, March-May, as well as types that flower September-October, October, October-November, and November.