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daily update & a flash back in time

Went up late afternoon after a morning on computer – checking emails, being a virtual worker, trying to fix problems and what-not.  Remote working is strangely stressful but mustn’t grumble – we got an email from the big chief who … Continue reading

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advances in the back patch

In the back patch the long flower bed that runs beside the railway path is fairly well established – and full of perennial flowers of all sorts: iris, hollyhock, day lilly, gladioli, asiatic lilly, climbing roses on the pergolas, and … Continue reading

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Oh my! The catch-up….

Wow.  It’s 25 June.  Can it really be that the last time I updated the allotment diary was 6 June?  Goodness time does fly. So, tons have changed.  Given that time-lag recall is not my forte, let’s just recap what’s what … Continue reading

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Blousy Blooms

Iris are pretty spectacular.  We have a nice clump in the corner of the back patch.  Psychedelic blues and purples. They are in flower now, and have been for at least week, which is the last week of May and … Continue reading

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Lemon Verbena – Tweaked

So there we were, walking back from an evening meal out at a local cafe.  Ambling along hand in hand, and then got to dawdling along the railway path – the last stretch back to the flat – and stopped … Continue reading

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