British Flowers Week: 18-24 June

British Flower Week runs this year 18-24 June.  Who knew it ran at all?  We are officially knackered.  Gardened-out after a 9+ hour cumulative weekend, not to mention that I’m mentally running to the end of the year at work.  And the fact the flat is a tip: have to organise, clear-out, get ready to paint the living room, and all that.  Oh my!  We’re busy!

So there’s almost no chance that we’ll visit any of the Flower Week festivities.  But I’ll make a note for next year: we live in hope.

But for those who can, there are shops and demonstrations going on all over.  For more info see   The festivities promote independent florists and growers – and seek to encourage consumers (that’s you and me folks) to support with our spending choices sustainable, sustainably grown floral growth (as opposed to imports and air miles).  Geesh – I’m having Farage shivers here – but let’s face it, it’s a good idea… despite the underlying potentially rampant nationalism of such statements.  Makes me half wonder if the RHS is guilty of this insidious rhetoric too: invasive alien species, worries about in-coming plants, birds and pests too, and being proudly pro- so-called ‘native’ species (which if truth be told and we were truly limited to indigenous plant species in Britain would find the palate of plants reduced to ferns, moss and trees).

Hhhmmmn….  As a fully-committed non-Brit Londoner, I’m hoping maybe I can get away with claiming the purely logical sensible-ness of local production and consumption as incontrovertible?  




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A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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