June round-up

June 2018 – where did it go?  We were so busy in June that I write this retrospectively, from the vantage of the end of the first week of July.  Much was accomplished…

  • The large compost bin on the top tier was moved down to ground level on entry (to the side of R’s plot).
  • Brambles were cut out to expose the ground of the top tier, and slowly uncovering from bramble and ivy, the trunk of the back boundary lime tree.
  • The side boundary with damask rose and fragrant jasmine was weeded of bind weed, and watered.  The rose responded by coming into a magnificent second bloom.  The scent of a damask rose – the original form of the essence used in perfume manufacture – is intoxicating, heady, almost unbelievable…. Well-deserving of the extra attention, water and resources.


  • Two of the three vegetable beds at the front edge were dug over and planted. (shown here before the digging-over).
  • One bed holds two tomato and two sweet pepper plants.  The middle bed is planted with yellow zucchini (2 plants) and some runner beans.
  • The third bed remains un-dug, unweeded, and covered in black fabric.


  • The bed directly leading from the rose arbor was dug over.  This was planted as a new perennial flower bed, with perennial virginicum ‘pink glow’ and lobelia (planted mid-June) and by early July, accompanied by perennial dianthus (pinks – in the carnation family).


dianthus Kahori

Perennial Flower Bed late June/ early July 2018 – with Virgicum Pink Glow and Dianthus Kahori.


Cosmos Bed.  Interplanted with Lobelia.  Early June 2018.

A flower bed on the other side boundary of the allotment plot was dug in front of the holly hedge and planted with annual flowering cosmos.

Cosmos are said to self-seed, so hopefully this establishes itself as an established bed for seasons to come.



About smallPaws

A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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