planting season’s started

We went with Mick to Homebase and picked up four more paving stones and stud lumber for building the walls of the eventual shed.  (Infinite thanks to Mick for all his help!  The parking arrangements were down to the last few minutes and we made his heart race – which will be recorded on his heart monitor.  Yikes.)


Spot the train!  (March 2019) Photo by G.

At Homebase we also picked up a narrow garden fork to replace the one whose handle snapped in half — the new one has a metal handle — and some plants for the flat balcony window boxes (white aubrieta and red dianthus), as well as a summer squash, two small fruiting cucumber, a tray of peas, two cherry tomato plants, and two trays of brassica – a purple sprouting broccoli and a purple kale – for the allotment.


Saturday 23 March 2019.  Showing the two brave leaves of the summer squash in the round planter  (planted today) – with new strawberry patch to the side and pots of tulip & cyclamen above.

It was laborious (again) getting it all back to the allotment, and super-G cut his leg on some metal pole sticking out in the path.  I had to apply a band-aid  to a bleeding leg…

We joked about tetanus shots, but…. Ho-hum. Fingers crossed.

(Must remember to bring some gauze & medical tape — and also look into a more water-proof container for the first aid kit.)

While the wounded super-G painted the wood in preparation of installation, I planted the peas up behind the onion bed — near the top of the bed that marks the upper shed level.  Put up some bamboo poles and pea netting.   This is the top end of the bed that super-G calls Alberta. The peas, if they grow, will help finish our ‘privacy barrier’.


Snap peas, planted Saturday 23 March.  Overcast conditions.

Planted the squash (with lots of extra manure) in the sunken pot in ‘Saskatchewan.’  It will be able to spread out over the wildflower bed that’s there now (and represents the only ‘original’ ground’ left on the allotment plot: all the other areas have been dug-over, re-claimed, manured, had the rocks picked out of them – the lot!  And treatment is ongoing…

I also planted the mini-cucumbers into the side bed (closest to the edge with Richard and behind the red rose arbour).   Protected by wire mesh frames (too low and will be very temporary).


Mini-cucumbers, planted Sat 23 March 2019.              With temporary bird protection.

The two miniature tomato plants were planted (with lots of manure) into the middle bed (just behind the herb bed and in front of the autumn-planted garlic bed) .

The tomato are protected from the birds (and dogs and foxes!) with a wire frame and two bamboo supports stuck in to help keep the mesh in place. (I hope, but that could be better designed).

Speaking of damage, there were signs of a dog or fox digging in the strawberry bed – with one plant dug out (which I re-planted with manure), complete with a poop right there in the middle of the bed, neat as anything on the hay.  Grrrrr….

Still have not sown any radish, carrot or beet into the wicker basket, but will do!  Maybe even tomorrow.


Upper deck level .  Potted pink cyclamen —  continuously flowering since early February!!        And white tulip in pots.  Edged with purple-leafed damask rose.  Wonderful!







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  1. tom says:

    hi Suza
    Great shed

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