signs of coming summer

This morning was warm and sunny.  We opened all the windows in the flat before we left to visit the allotment.

Allotment-footings-studs2The big guy was keen to make a start at framing the walls on the shack.  He got four beams upwards and two walls semi-framed in.  It’s starting to look like a real shed!

I finally started the wicker basket with radish seeds – two rows and a central row of leafy coriander.  Must build a small wood and wire frame to put onto the top to keep the birds off the seed beds.

Planted the red curly kale – into last year’s tomato and pepper bed.  It is side neighbours with the purple sprouting broccoli which I planted in last Saturday.   I put three red curly kale into the tiny little new bed I created by blocking off the end of one of the pathways (too much path and not enough growing space!!).

The mini-cucumber looked ok – no new growth but they seemed fine.  As also true of the  potted summer squash (in the Saskatchewan bed) and the two cherry tomato plants.  I guess it just hasn’t been warm enough for things to really start growing.

allotment- mysterysmallflower2

Potted cyclamen, continuously in flower since February!  Sat 30 March 2019.  Photo by G.

The virginicum and dianthus are sprouting up nicely in the little flower bed in front of the red rose arbour.   The grape hyacinth and crocus are still in flower at the base of the arbour (planted the bulbs last autumn), as also are the tulip and spring bulbs in the planters at the edge of the top level.

The herb bed is looking a bit ropey, but there’s calendula growing and also some low growing marjoram.  Have to put in more parsley – the flat leafed parsley did really well last summer.

I also carried on my campaign to remove the grass growing on our main path that runs between Richard’s and Hugh’s.  Want that all grass free and mulched with wood chip or straw later this summer. And pulling out bindweed wherever I spot it poking out of the ground.


Sitting with the butterfly on my hand.

We were visited by an orange and brown flecked butterfly – who took a real shine to me and in the end I had to shoo him off – repeatedly!  He kept coming back to me, sitting on my head, my arms…  The big guy noticed that the little butterfly seemed to be fiercely guarding the strawberry patch: every time a white cabbage butterfly would approach this brave little orange guy would go into strike mode and fight him off.  Enforcing his own butterfly territory no-fly zone.  Go figure!

The robin came and had a little bath in our bird bath tray after G filled it up with nice fresh water.

And there were lots of parrots squawking and flying about in small groups. It looked like they were having fun – but who knows?  It may have been war.


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A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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