awesome artichoke!


The big guy sizes up our artichoke in the back patch.  13 April 2020.

Artichoke are awesome! But boy are they huge!

If you have the space and want to plant some globe artichoke of your own, try to remember that the tiny little slip you purchase at the garden centre will grow to be rather enormous!  Hard to believe when you’re looking at a small starter pot, but take it from us – happy, healthy artichoke can grow, grow, grow.

The patch shown above shows just how large the spread of an artichoke can be.  There are two slips which started from the root base of last year’s plant (still visible in the centre as a dead dry stalk).   And as amazing as that is, bear in mind that it’s presently early April and these guys are just getting started.  By the end of the growing season the plant will be level  – or taller – than the great Malink’s head.  (Last year’s top fruiting stems were taller than the woven fence and could be seen above the fence line.)


Gorgeous Veg!!  Artichoke head developing.  (13 April 2020)

Last spring in late May we had an absolute feast of artichoke, perfectly steamed by my brother.

Last year’s plant produced seven or so well sized heads. I complemented the artichoke with a simple lovage risotto with lots of white wine and parmesan.

It was stunning meal – highly enjoyable and the first full meal from our labours last spring.  It was highly satisfying to be able to visit the garden and come back with pretty much a complete meal.

We very much look forward to a similar feast later this spring.  Yum!

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A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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