cold Friday & wildlife snaps


King Robin serenading us from the Fig tree (14 April 2020)

Not only is it noticeably cooler in the past two days (just over 10 degrees again today), it also rained lightly.

The rain wasn’t heavy or lashing down – more of a gentle shower – but it was fairly sustained so thankfully we will be spared the emergency watering of the back patch flower bed.

With the weather turning, and a few projects to think about at home, we stayed away from the allotment today as there’s no worry about the seed beds drying out.  We will have to go to water the plants in the growing shed but one day’s rest should be fine for them.

The photo to the right shows the our little Robin – King Robin, if you don’t mind!  Singing his little heart out.  The leaves on the fig are just starting to emerge, and the fig fruit swelling noticeably day by day.

In the photo below the big guy caught King Robin face on and looking directly into the camera.  He’s not shy, this little guy!


King of the Patch.  14 April 2020


Ladybird on the top terrace Blackberry.  (14 April 2020


Small White Butterfly on Strawberry blossom.  (14 April 2020)

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A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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