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birds & berries

Tuesdays are busy days for us: we start with the volunteer woods group on Lismore Circus and do our usual trim and tidy. Happily we’ve recruited one more volunteer who came today – which was great as one of our … Continue reading

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biodiversity, bugs and a note on natives

Rah rah rah biodiversity.  But let’s be clear.  Biodiversity is bugs.  Some bugs we love – bees, butterflies.  Some less so – wasps, stinkbugs, lily beetles.  But when you’re making conditions fabulous for the bugs you love, you’re inviting in … Continue reading

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a glut of garlic

Yesterday we got around to lifting the garlic from their growing bed – the very last area in the allotment that we can cultivate for summer crops.  This shot shows the full harvest on-site, with flowering calendula growing on the … Continue reading

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Plant Alert – a new citizen science project

Plant alert is a new citizen science project aimed directly at gardeners to help spot potentially invasive species.  It was launched on 1 June by the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI), in conjunction with Coventry University Department of … Continue reading

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PS: 3 June is World Bicycle Day!

Today marks the United Nations’ annual celebration of World Bicycle Day. We find that the best bikes have racks and baskets – all the better to carry our garden equipment to and from the plot. This is my ‘workhorse’ bike … Continue reading

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triple duty day & meeting father frog

Tuesday was another hot dry day in London, with temperatures in the mid-twenties.  We’ve been speculating about the temperatures inside our growing shed.  Our allotment neighbour R has a thermometer in his shed and told us on Monday that temperatures inside … Continue reading

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salad days (but not like you’d think)

Inspired by the crispy, fresh tastiness of our garden grown red curly lettuces, which have provided us two delicious main meals in the past week, I decided to dedicate a little bit of time to ensuring we have a steady … Continue reading

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