Early July Blossom

July has been much the same as June – mainly wet and fairly cool for summertime. The plants need heat!! Our strawberries were soaked out, the raspberries grew well but were blown to ground by high winds and very heavy rains. We barely got a look-in at the loganberries this year. So very wet and unseasonably cool. Boo!

At least the blooms have been spectacular, with many plants which normally fade in the summer have remained in full and robust growth.

Acanthus in glory in the Woods (4 July 2021)
Glorious Pulmonaria (aka Lungwort) (4 July 2021)
Australian Bottlebrush blossom (4 July 2021)
White hollyhock in main woods patch (4 July 2021)
Crimson hollyhock (Bordeau) in bloom in back patch (4 July 2021) – first flowering since starting the seeds a few years ago.
Pink hollyhock in woods patch near the birch trees (4 July 2021). This one stands over 7 feet tall and is self-supporting as a large stand with several tall flower spears. Awesome!
The Acanthus patch in the front meadow bed of the woods. (July 2021)

And the flowers at the allotment are also coming on well. Especially the big guy’s beloved sea holly!

Sea Holly by the Damask Rose at the allotment. (July 2021)

So it’s not all been a wash-out…..

About smallPaws

A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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