Petal Power in the Woods – 6 Feb 2022

Feverfew flowering early February.
Wild Wood Violet. Can you see the tiny delicate blossoms tucked away? (6 Feb 2022)
Daffodil with wood violet at its feet.
Vinca in flower. 6 Feb 2022
Acanthus is a green giant. Growing at the back of the holly bush near Mary Barnes flower bed.
Cyclamen in flower among variegated ivy in the Mary Barnes flower bed in Lismore Circus Woods.
Galanthus bed. (Snowdrops with daffodil coming up and lungwort)
Pink primrose originally planted by Richard Lindley, friend and neighbour (1936-2019)
More of Richard & Carole Stone’s primroses in half circle bed. They insisted on planting them themselves. (6 Feb 2022)
Crocus coming out in the front facing Michael Palin bed.
The Echiums survived the winter frosts in the south-east facing back patch meadow.
Close up of Echium blossoms forming. 6 Feb 2022.
Echium stalk close-up. One of my favourite photos! You can see how it gathers beads of water towards the stalk.
Awesomely beautiful! (6 Feb 2022)

About smallPaws

A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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