Spring is upon us

Enfin! At long last, emerging from the funk of winter. Spring has been with us since January – with the annual appearance of snowdrop. But this year things are a bit screwy, shall we say. We’ve had crocus very early in February, along with daffodil. Wood violet are in flower and have been for at least a few weeks, and lungwort is also in bloom, as are the meadow planted vinca with their pretty open faced blue flowers. The primrose in the half circle bed have come and largely gone – they were flowering since January! Tulips are out by late February/ early March. The climate’s gone a bit bonkers to be fair. London still has frost alerts at night but day temperatures can be balmy in the teens.

Plants and flowers that used to show themselves in steady succession are all out together.

Daffodil, Lungwort, tulips tous ensemble!

Hyacinth in Mary Barnes Bed of Lismore Circus Community Woods (early March 2022)
Crocus lawn of Lismore Circus Community Woods (in bloom since February 2022)
High hopes for Echium – with the meadow planted Echium already developing visible flower buds and reaching for the stars! Photo with chief Echium grower taken early March 2022.

About smallPaws

A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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