..thinking of stawberries & salad….

Allotment-April6-woodchip1Doesn’t it just blow your mind that all the fruit you eat – including tomatoes & aubergines & pumpkins & onions & cherries and everything in between…  it all starts with a flower.  A simple little flower.  That turns into the things that we eat.  Amazing!

(Ok – well that, flowers, and some fresh rain water and some gentle heat from the sun.)

And then, as my mind digests these simple facts, with dirt under my nails and twigs in my hair, I’m completely blown away by this idea magnified by things like global wine production, the infinite value of good olive oil, fresh fragrant tomatoes, and beautiful lettuce.  All the effort it takes to produce the things that we need for survival.

Sure.  People laugh at lettuce.  The ‘salad years’ and so on.  What rubbish!  How dare they.  Perfect salad and season greens is a magnificent cosmic gift – so singular, so aromatic!

I propose we calibrate our rating of civilisations and cultures on salad.  Let’s get real about what really counts.  Good food, well-grown.  Slow economies.  A re-evaluation of values.  What counts?  And why?  And what, more importantly, should count?

I say: salad!  So tonight we had garden grown spinach with our dinner.


About smallPaws

A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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