hits & misses

Sunday morning – intermittent sun but pretty chilly if the breeze blows.  Lots of new growth on the raspberries – looking lush!  Strawberries all coming to life and coming into flower.  And signs of seedlings in the basket bed of radish and coriander (more signs of radish than the middle line of coriander, but fingers crossed).

But some losses too.  Slug and snail damage to some of the early planted brassica.  And the mini-cukes are completely gone.  The potted summer squash is looking sickly – we’ll have to dump out the soil, wash the pot and start completely new.

The big dude set up the wood frame of the new extension bed at the end of the ‘salad’ bed (closest to the ivy hedge to the side, under the canopy of the front neighbour’s fig tree.)  So some more growing space coming up – a tiny little bed but it will be good for something – maybe try seeding a parsley bed?  Or chard and perpetual spinach?

After he watered all the beds and then filled up the bird baths the robin showed up – cheeky little thing.  Brazen and most definitely bold.

I started a single line seeded of beetroot – in the bed that had the tomatoes last year (behind the rose arbour and perennial flower bed).  Go little beets, go!

We watered everything, but a mere half hour later all the beds looked parched again. (The clay is murder!)  But the cisterns were almost empty by then.

Someone started a mini-pond with a tub dug into the ground on their plot.  Maybe we could do that with that large planter that has no drainage that we’re presently using as a ‘tray’ for the rose cuttings – which all seem to be doing great!

About smallPaws

A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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