the sea-holly resurfaces – again

CIMG7064copySigns of a return of the sea holly once again.  It didn’t flower last summer which was a disappointment, but it did have a good show of flowers in that first summer in 2018.

The timing is pretty much the same as last year – around end of April. It’s the 20th today, and last year we posted about the resurfaced sea holly on 27 April 2019.

In truth, these plants require really good drainage and this one is planted in heavy, water-saturated clay.  But they don’t like being transplanted due to having very long tap roots (being of the carrot family of plants).  So it must stay where it is.

The big guy adores the sea holly – which in turn is loved by bees – and in mistaken gestures of love and care, admitted that he probably over-watered it last summer.  We’ve vowed not to add to it any additional water this summer.  On verra, as they say in gai Paris.

Anyway, we’re delighted to see the emergence of its tell-tale thistle-like leaves.  So we pulled away any rotted leaves from the base of the plant and then sprinkled gardening grit around it’s base on Sunday.   Go sea holly go!  Here’s hoping for flowers for this year.

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A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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