other July fliers..


Flying ants emerging with new queen on allotment. (July 2020)

It’s not all just about butterflies.  Another interesting event we witnessed up at the plot was evidence of ‘Flying Ant Day.’  There were at least two nests we witnessed erupting into activity as a new queen ant took to the skies to establish a new colony.

And it wasn’t just happening at the allotment.  Apparently due to atmospheric and climate conditions, all flying ant colonies erupted to activity at the same time.  To the extent that the evidence of all those flying beasties tricked local weather radar to mistake the clouds of flying insects for rain!  See David Williams’ article ‘A swarm of flying ants stretched for miles over the UK and looked like rain on weather radar’ (CNN, 18 July 2020).

And the usual flying stars – all the various types of bees and ladybirds – continue to delight and fascinate.


Bumblebee snoozing in a rose blossom.


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A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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