second brood of sparrow fledglings


House Sparrows at the bird feeder. (25 July 2020)

It’s been variable in London – spells of cool weather, then hot and humid, then more cool and rain.

Today started with sun but quickly turned overcast then wet.


Eight Sparrows (25 July 2020).

We’d been tricked by the forecast for rain later in the early evening so went out midday to the plot and then were caught in the rain.   The umbrella kept us dry as we nibbled on cheese and crackers, hoping it would clear, but when it evidently would not stop, we headed back home.

Once home we were treated with signs of the second brood of house sparrow fledglings, busy feeding on our back door (third floor) bird feeders (filled with suet chunks and peanuts).

At some points this afternoon there were about ten birds, adults and youth, on the feeders and on the doorstep below.  They’re not great at sharing space and often would squabble and fight for position.  Unlike us, the rain didn’t seem to deter the birds from flocking to the bird feeders.

Good to see the birds are doing well, especially as house sparrows are red-listed by the RSPB as a conservation concern!  If in decline elsewhere, these little beauties seem to be doing great in our little neck of the woods.

About smallPaws

A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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