Sunday Fleurs – Echium Explosion Commences

We’re down with the bug and have joined the ranks of the Covidians. So not up to doing much in the yard. But the sun shines and we wanted to check on the garden. And guess what?? The big tall Echium in the middle of the back patch meadow has magically come into flower. Wow! We started this plant three years ago and it’s now finally come to flower. Sadly, after flowering the plant will die down – but not before a real explosion of flower – and we will be sure to keep the seeds to start it all over again.

Echium Starting to Bloom (20 March 2022)
Echium Blossom provides shelter for love bug lady-bugs. (20 March 2022)
Shasta Daisy – early spring flowering in back patch meadow. Hollyhock growing to the side. (20 March 2022)
Back patch peony plant spearing towards the light. Memories of Brenda & Jim, good neighbours now in High Heaven. (20 March 2022)
Close up of Wild Wood Violet in the Perennial Beds, Back Patch (20 March 2022)
Cheeky cheerful low growing yellow flowering Celandine grows in the grass along the perennial flower bed in back patch. (20 March 2022)
Hyacinth and wood violet in the Woods half Circle Bed. (20 March 2022)
Stripey leaved Tulip in the woods patch.
Grape Hyacinth and forget me not grow at the base of Dinah’s Hibiscus Tree. (20 March 2022)

About smallPaws

A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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