Saturday at the Plot

Our little slice of heaven. Felicity didn’t lose her hat in the wind storms! (24 March 2022)
We tidied up the strawberry patch. Fruit already forming! (24 March 2022)
White tulips at Felicity’s feet. Lovely! Spreading sweet woodruff fills th rest of the patch towards the raised bed that houses our blueberry bush. (24 March 2022)
Flowering Vinca with ladybird. (24 March 2022)
Ring necked parrot on the willow tree. (24 March 2022)
There’s a parrot nest in the willow tree.

We visited a garden centre on Saturday morning to see about getting blight resistant tomato plants. No luck! But we did pick up snow peas, garden peas, a flat of purple french beans and red lettuces. I planted the peas and lettuce but still have to plant the beans.

Peas planted in the bed – with a garlic plant as company. (24 March 2022)
Malink tidied the shed – which now houses a selection of hot chili plants, peppers, two small tomato and the purple french beans. The tomato and chili will get potted up and kept in the growing house – the beans have to be planted out into the plot soon! (24 March 2022)
Peacock butterfly on beautiful greengage blossom. (24 March 2022)

About smallPaws

A tumbleweed from Canada who's been living in London for twenty or so years.
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